As we begin to shed our clothes for the spring that has come too soon and power through the brief spots of winter still peeking forth, ideas of you, beautifully clad in nerdy swim suits, frolicking on a sandy beach, are becoming more and more of a reality. Summer is coming..or the end of earth as it slowly implodes thanks to us, hooooo-mans. Impending environmental doom aside, we have found another brilliant creator that makes awesome swimsuits that range from Goku to your favorite webslinger, Spidey (or SILK!). There is even an adorable police box for your wearing pleasure if you’re feeling open to some time-traveling shenanigans!

Lisa Galetto, creator of Fit2btiedclothing, is based in Phoenix and runs her shop under the motto, “if you can dream it, we can make it!” With close to 700 positive reviews, you know Lisa is not joking around either. A full set will run you from $48-60, depending on coverage and customization, which is priced as seriously some of the most affordable, high quality swimwear floating in the interwebs.

You can be sure your power lvl will be over 9000
Web-slinger on vacation
I’m bias…loving all the new Spidey variants especially SILK
Totally humming the opening theme to Doctor Who right now
For the time-traveling alien in all of us
It even comes in a one piece!

Just imagine…sitting under some shade with an umbrella-ed, drink in hand, when you see havoc being wrecked in the distance. Smoke and rubble are flying through the air! The city is in danger and only you can stop it!! Goodness gracious, it is a good thing you brought your super suit to save the day!!

Lisa’s suits are all made by hand too so expect it to be soft and comfy, with a side of sweet geekery. You can rest assured this writer will be purchasing her own set..or three of Fit2btiedclothing‘s beautiful creations. When they arrive, we will update everyone accordingly on sizing, ease of order, as well as ALL THE FUN THINGS. Seriously though, next Colossal Con will be a breeze if you order on of these lovely numbers! You can find her store here to browse through at your leisure, although I’m not sure how you could leave without finding something you want!

I’m bias…loving all the new Spidey variants especially SILK
Aquaman – Butt
Beam me up


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