Remember that enraging / embarrassing situation Warner Bros. Pictures found themselves in when former CEO Kevin Tsujihara chose to step down due to allegations of misconduct? It was a thing, Aggressors, it was a thing.

According to multiple outlets, Warner Bros. has named their new CEO just this afternoon, and it’s a big ol’ first for the company.

Ann Sarnoff, President of BBC America Studios, will be taking over the position, and will be the first woman to oversee WB in the studio’s long and storied history.

“It is a privilege to join a studio with such a storied history,” Sarnoff said. “Warner Bros. has been an industry leader for decades and is known for creating many of the most iconic film, television and gaming properties. I accept this position excited by the opportunity to work with the most accomplished executives and teams in media, and confident about carrying this incredible heritage forward with them.”

WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey commented about the addition to the studio:

“I am delighted Ann is joining the WarnerMedia team and excited to work side by side with such a talented and accomplished individual. She brings a consistent and proven track record of innovation, creativity and business results to lead an incredibly successful studio to its next chapter of growth. Ann has shown the ability to innovate and grow revenues and has embraced the evolution taking place in our industry. I am confident she will be a great cultural fit for WarnerMedia and that our employees will embrace her leadership, enthusiasm and passion for our business.”

Congratulations to Sarnoff, and we can’t wait to see what new leadership brings to WB.

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