We just wanted to take a minute and remind you guys that not everything you read on the internet is true, such as fan-made trailers passed off as the REAL thing.  The most recent example of that is this well done Wonder Woman movie trailer made by a fan.  Several outlets (websites, blogs, etc) are sharing it as a REAL thing from Warner Brothers, but it obviously is not.

I mean even the link SAYS “fan trailer”.

SOME of the footage in this trailer *is* from the upcoming film, as it was shown during that “Dawn of the Justice League” featurette on the CW, but other scenes are obviously from Gladiator and The Finest Hours.  But here is the bit from that CW special for comparison:

Hopefully we’ll be getting actual footage for a teaser or trailer before too long, but we’re pretty much expecting the release/reveal to be at San Diego Comic Con this year.

And while we’re talking about fan-trailers and such, remember this AMAZING Wonder Woman short by Rainfall Films featuring Team Unicorn? We sure do:

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